So, here’s your first clue…


Best/worst parents?


Who do you think is the best parent or parent-like figure in the Twilight series?

Who do you think … let’s say needs the most improvement in the parenting arena?

I think Esme or Sue would have to be the best in terms of parenting. Esme is motherly, but so is Sue - more so than any other character in the series. In terms of needing improvement, I’ve gotta go with Renee. She’s a brilliant woman and one of my favourite characters, but there’s something about a woman who lets her 17 year old daughter move away, get a boyfriend, get hospitalised, have a mental breakdown and still not come running that screams irresponsible parent.


bellatrixswandarm asked:

I always assumed that the couples did go off all at the same time each night. For some reason that was just how I read it.

panlight answered:

I think that’s sort of the implication in BD, yeah.

Although since a doctor’s schedule is so random, Esme probably ended up spending nights alone with Edward fairly often “Want to watch Grey’s Anatomy with me, Edward?”  I mean sometimes it sounds like Carlisle primarily works nights—I guess then he and Esme would have a lot of free time during the day while the kids are at school…